Notes to remember

Notes to remember collected:

Behind anything which is significantly innovative is going to come with a significant risk of failure, but you know you’ve got to take big chances in order for the potential for a big positive outcome. If the outcome is exciting enough then taking a big risk is worthwhile it’s really.
November 30, 2022

One Human Resources Joke: Heaven & Hell:
One day, a highly successful HR Director was hit by a bus and died. At the Pearly Gates, she was met by St. Peter himself.
“Welcome,” said St. Peter. “Before you get settled in, though, we have a problem. You see, we’ve never had a Human Resources Director make it this far and we’re not really sure what to do with you.”
“So, what we’re going to do is give you one day in Hell and one day in Heaven; then you can choose where you want to spend eternity.”
Deflecting her assurances that she wanted to stay in Heaven, St. Peter put the executive in an elevator and sent it down-down-down to Hell.
The doors opened, and the woman stepped out onto the putting green of a beautiful golf course. In the distance was a country club, and before she was many friends—elegantly dressed fellow executives she had worked with, cheering for her. Up they ran, kissing her and talking over old times.
The group played a fine round of golf and dined on steak and lobster at the country club that evening. The Devil turned out to be a really nice guy, and she had a great time, telling jokes and dancing. Before she knew it, it was time to leave.
She took the elevator back up-up-up to the Pearly Gates and found St. Peter waiting for her.
“Now it’s time to spend a day in heaven,” he announced.
The executive then spent 24 hours lounging around on clouds, playing the harp and singing.
Finally, St. Peter came and got her.  “Now you must choose your eternity,” he said.

The woman paused and then replied, “Well, I never thought I’d say this–I mean, Heaven has been really great and all–but I think I had a better time in Hell.”
So St. Peter escorted her to the elevator, and again she went down-down-down back to Hell.
However, when the elevator doors opened, she found herself in a desolate wasteland covered in garbage and filth. Her friends, dressed in rags, were picking up the garbage and putting it in sacks. The Devil came up and, with an evil leer, put his arm around her.
“I don’t understand,” stammered the woman. “Yesterday, there was a golf course and a country club, and we ate lobster and danced and had a great time. Today, it’s just a wasteland and all my friends look miserable.”
The Devil smiled: “Yesterday, we were recruiting you. Today, you’re staff… .”

November 9, 2022

“Europe has warmed faster than any other region in the past 30 years”
CNN Nov 11, 2022/

November 2, 2022

In the corporate world there will always be some who perform best, some who are in the middle and some who perform poorly. The way the company treats the poor performer is an important indicator.
/P E Soerensen

October 20, 2022

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

October 17, 2022
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