The reception of email, and the transmission of email

Rules governing the reception of email, in addition to distinct regulations governing the transmission of email, Constructed in adherence to prevailing regulations and customary practices within the European Union and Denmark.

Last updated: February 1, 2024 at 10:25 am


The intent of this email policy is to inform users of what constitutes acceptable and unacceptable use of the email system of, and Its purpose is to ensure that the email system is utilised appropriately.

Here are the general guidelines; more can be read in the section below:

  1. Email should be retained only if it qualifies as a business record.
  2. Email is a business record if there exists a legitimate and ongoing business reason to preserve the information continued in the email.
  3. Email that is identified as a business record shall be retrained according to Record Retention Schedule.
  4. The email system shall not be used for the creation or distribution of offensive messages, including offensive comments about race, gender, hair color, disabilities, age, sexual orientation, pornography, religious beliefs and practice, political beliefs, or national origin.
  5. Employees who receive any emails with this content from any employee should report the matter to their supervisor immediately.
  6. Users are prohibited from automatically forwarding email to a third party email system. Individual messages which are forwarded by the user must not contain confidential or above information.
  7. Users are prohibited from using third-party email systems and storage servers such as Google, Yahoo, MSN Hotmail, etc. to conduct business, to create or memorialise any binding transactions, or to store to retain email on behalf of . Such communications and transactions should be conducted through proper channels using approved documentation.
  8. Using a reasonable amount of resources for personal emails is acceptable, but non-work related email shall be saved in a separate folder from work related email. Sending chain letters or joke emails from a email account is prohibited.
  9. Employees shall have no expectation of privacy in anything they store, send or receive on email system.
  10. The domain owner may monitor messages without prior notice.
  11. The domain owner is not obliged to monitor email message.

The domain owner possesses exclusive ownership of all e-mails and maintains. The domain owner possesses direct access to all attached files. This is hereby communicated to the users/employee in advance.

As a basic rule, the following applies to the use of mail under this domain.

Inappropriate use of company email:

Our users, employees represent our domain whenever they use their email address.

They must not:

  • Sign up for illegal, unreliable, disreputable or suspect websites and services.
  • Send unauthorised marketing content or solicitation emails.
  • Register for a competitor’s services unless authorised.
  • Send insulting or discriminatory messages and content.
  • Intentionally spam other people’s emails, including their coworkers.
  • Our company has the right to monitor and archive corporate emails.

Upon resignation or at the end of a collaboration, all e-mails are owned by the domain owner; these emails may not be deleted or copied upon resignation or at the end of a collaboration. Continuous backups of e-mail will be taken.

Compliance Measurement: The related users and e-mails on this domain will verify compliance with this policy.
Through various methods, including but not limited to, periodic walk-thrus, video monitoring, business tool reports, internal and external audits, and feed back to the policy owner.

Exceptions: Any exception to the policy must be approved by domain owner in advance.

Non-Compliance: An employee found to have violated this policy may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

More details

Sent e-mail: The e-mail expresses the views of the sender and not necessarily the views of the company I work for/with.
The E-mail and any files transmitted with it are confidential to the intended recipient at the E-mail address to which it has been addressed. The E-mail may not be disclosed or used by any other than the addressee, nor may it be copied in any way. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender as soon as possible and delete any copies of this message.

Receiving e-mails: We often confirm that your email has arrived on our server. This does not mean that the content is accepted or approved.

As a general rule, we do not buy or enter into agreements via e-mail or social media. It is simply not the way we choose our cooperation partners or the goods we choose to purchase.

Order confirmations and/or an invoice: If an order confirmation and/or an invoice are sent to this associated e-mail, we would like to immediately object to this, as we do not act via this channel, as I said.
Any purchases that have to be made via the Internet or email are made via an encrypted email that must be accompanied by a written purchase request.
Any forwarded letters or packages must be picked up again by the sender.

Please note we have a solid rule; we never buy services or things by email or social media.
Only prior approved payments/bills signed by us in the period before (only CH has the approval rights) we only cover where an annexe is provided with an approval archive number and the CH’s seal will be seen as legal.

Our servers are based in the EU and we do follow EU law including The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy in the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA). It also addresses the transfer of personal data outside the EU and EEA areas. The GDPR’s primary aim is to give individuals control over their personal data and to simplify the regulatory environment for international business by unifying the regulation within the EU.


We also act related and follow The Danish Data Protection Agency and Danish laws:


The nature of our business requires us to transfer or have your information accessed by our management team, contacts, candidates, and/or employees who may be based in other countries.

When we do so, we shall take reasonable steps to ensure that the overseas recipient complies with the Personal Data Protection Regulation and this policy. We utilising cloud-based platforms.

Although privacy laws may vary among countries, we will take appropriate steps to ensure that your personal data is protected and handled in accordance with the respective legal requirements as well as the Privacy Policy.

Please note, that although this Email has been checked, we cannot accept any responsibility for any transmitted viruses. It is therefore your responsibility to virus scan any attachments (if any).

We are strong opponents of corruption and bribery;
We strongly oppose discrimination and see all people as equal. Discrimination can be defined as inconsistent discrimination that causes a person to get inferior treatment to others, that is, that the cause of discrimination cannot be justified on a legal basis. For example, gender, race, skin colour, religion, political view, sexual orientation, age, disability or national, social or ethnic origin;
When we recruit employees or volunteers to our companies/organization, the candidate is assessed in relation to the tasks to be solved, the management’s beliefs, the company/organization’s culture, vision, mission and objectives. We evaluate if we believe a candidate can get offered the post, the best matching candidate is offered the task;
We are strong advocates to treat men and women equally and this also reflects in the wages we give our employees, in other words, there are no differences in salary and benefit between women and men;
Wages are given on the basis of a defined salary grid (Divided into 10 levels) this concept is evaluated annually;
Volunteers must sign confidentiality and a voluntary agreement.

If email is sent from our domain, you must ensure that you follow our rules regarding neutrality, etc., as described below.
Should an email be seen in non-matching relation to these thoughts, please disregard the content and report it to us. We want to follow these rules:

Impartiality in Service Delivery: We provide news and information without discrimination based on race, religion, political affiliation, or other factors.
The news is typically related to human resources management, talent management, organisation development, and psychology. We also consider ourselves neutral in relation to affiliation with any religious beliefs, social affiliation, or sexual affiliation. We are strongly against age discrimination. This impartial approach ensures that assistance reaches those most in need, regardless of their background or affiliations.
Independence from Political Agenda: We maintain independence from political, economic, and military interests, allowing us to operate freely and effectively in areas of conflict or crisis, if needed.
Respect for Cultural Sensitivities: We respect the cultural and social norms of the communities we serve, adapting our approach to healthcare delivery to ensure it is culturally appropriate and accepted by the local population.

Of course, we follow all relationships, referrals, and legislation from the Data Protection Authority. Likewise, rules and legislation from the EU.
Only those who have agreed to be on an e-mail list can be on this list.

Categories of personal data
We process the following personal data about recipients of our newsletter: Name of recipient, company address, postal code, city, email, and phone number(s).

We use personal data for the following purposes
We only use personal information about newsletter recipients for marketing purposes.

The relationship to data
We do not sell our data! We do not share our data.

Dissemination of personal data
We do not pass on your personal data to others.

Storage of your personal data
We only store your personal data for as long as it is necessary to fulfil the purposes described above and/or as required by applicable law.

After this, we will delete your personal data securely. According to the legislation, we must record and be able to prove to the data protection authority a number of things, including the processing of an individual’s data, and in this connection, your name and email will be used for recording of what is saved, stored, and deleted.

Your rights
When we process your information, you have the following rights:
You have the right to request access, correction, or deletion of your personal data.
You also have the right to object to the processing of your personal data and to have the processing of your personal data restricted.
If the processing of your personal data is based on your consent, you have the right to revoke your consent at any time. The lawfulness of the processing carried out prior to your revocation of consent will not be affected by your revocation.
Inquiries regarding data problems should be made to the data officer, who will ask to see valid identification before any data relating to you as a private person or company is handed over, processed, or deleted.
You have the right to receive the personal data that you have submitted yourself in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format (data portability). You can lodge a complaint with a data protection supervisory authority, for example, the Danish Data Protection Authority.

We assist with a variety of tasks. If you send a CV to an email address that we work with you to optimise, or an application, or any other material used in your job search, this must be agreed upon in advance.

By submitting your CV, you agree that we may assist you with editing, provide advice on your CV, assist you in your job search, and save your CV based on the work task we have completed for you. You consent to this.

If you apply for a job with us; kindly only use the channel we inform you to use.
Please ONLY send applications, CVs, and other materials only via this link; we will delete anything else.
This is to maintain the legal framework.

When you apply to us directly, we will adhere to the general application rules and delete all applications once the application process is completed. If you apply through a recruitment company, we usually refer to their rules as a registered applicant under Danish data protection.

Should you send us an application, please ensure that there is no information about your social ID, number, or passport from your identification card or passport; your age; sexual orientation; religious affiliation; trade union relationship; whether you are married or not; or whether you have children or not. This is because this information is not in our interest to receive, just as we do not evaluate any candidates based on this information at all!

Data officer contact

Data officer contact:

Legislation & guidelines

The Danish Data Protection Agency:
The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):

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