Here you find the collection of interesting link to different connections, mostly Head-Hunters and Advisors, Consultants, Specialists. Today we have collected 153. At present we only show name and website.

This is not the final list, the list will probably always be adapted.

Not on the list?

If you own a company or are a expert, specialist, consultant in the field of Human Resources Management, Talent Management, Organisationen Development you are welcome to subscribe to our archive:

Then we will see if the link is relevant, please remember to fill in as much as possible, especially company name, name, direct phone and website, preferably also allocation. We reserve the right not to include everyone. Just as we reserve the right not to comment on a “no” for admission.

By submitting this information, you consent to us placing this information on our website. Of course, you can always ask us to delete this information, please contact us. This is not confidential information you see here, it is information you can typically gain from companies and consultants own websites.

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