Focusing on the businesses we serve and the candidates we assist in part, or who participate in a selection-and/or search process(es) we follow the ethical rules below. We see them as a working tool included in our everyday.

Ethics with:

In order to clarify our position and also to follow applicable laws, this phase is included in all our selection/search assignments: “we consider diversity as an asset and therefore calls upon all: irrespective of age, family status, race, religion, political affiliation, trade union membership, ethnic origin, health information or sexual orientation to search available positions.”

We assesses the suitability of each candidate in relation to the job and evaluates several candidates appropriately, and we prioritize these internally. The factual basis is kept confidential internally by applying full regard to the candidates and those companies where the candidate is employed. We are aware of the value a candidate’s material may have for competition purposes. It will therefore only be a candidate, which is classified as a candidate, that is presented to our customer.

We present all types of candidates, and it is, therefore, neither qualifying nor disqualifying to be employed in an undertaking, which is the business customer of the company.

International, European and Danish legislation is followed of course, and we do not keep data on, nor make selections based on age, family status, race, religion, political affiliation, trade union membership, ethnic origin, health information or sexual orientation.

We feel it is also important to mention that we follow the guidelines of the Danish Ministry of gender equality. For example, as related to candidates who are expecting or who have children, “When you are not allowed to put weight on a piece of information about pregnancy during a job interview, as a starting point, there is no need to ask. A pregnant woman should, however, not later than 3 months before birth informs the employer about the impending birth.”

References will be contacted only by prior written consent of the candidate. References received from rapporteurs will be communicated to our corporate customer in a concluded edition.

We make reference calls to former employers as well as to two of the candidate’s specified confidential colleagues from previous posts, as well as to those indicated by the candidate as “a good friend.”

No reference from the candidate’s current place of work/current employer/company is contacted unless the candidate himself has clearly requested it. References obtained during the course of the dialogues will not be contacted unless the candidate is approved by the corporate customer, so as not to burden the candidate’s references unnecessarily.

The use of personality tests and analyses shall ensure we thorough oral feedback from the candidate via results of psychological tests and tests referenced in a concluded oral form.

When the candidate meets with one of our psychologists and may present her/himself with name and title, and hand out business cards.
Should a candidate wish to get an extra dialogue with the psychologist who has given feedback on the test or the analysis, the person can do so without cost to the candidate.

The psychological tests and analyses we can choose to use have no connection to religious organizations, movements or organizations. Of course, as a minimum, we are following the guidelines published by the Danish Psychological Association related to professional psychological tests and assessments.

We are politically neutral in both national and international policy. We work from a neutral attitude toward religion, and we are not a member of any organization or association, which has a political flavour. We do not have any affiliation or association with religious movements of any kind. The psychological tests and analyses that we choose to use have no connection to religious organizations, movements or organizations.

In addition to the code of ethics we have mentioned, we also follow a legal initiative that supports our ethical working practices that include:

We treat all information about both business and candidates/individuals as completely confidential.

Storage of data happens behind double-locked doors. Physical documents, laptops and hard drives are stored in Rosengrens safes. Only dedicated Advisors of each case have access to the material. These safety measures match even the strictest requirements we’ve seen.

We refer or don’t pass on the material without prior permission from corporate customers, private individuals or companies. We do not refer individuals for which we are not authorized. We will not disclose detailed information about our corporate customer to any candidates who contact us.

When a candidate is invited to an interview with us, the candidate is invited to fill out a consent form. The consent form shall be examined orally with the candidate present. The consent form includes elements that are mandatory requirements for the candidate to consent to, as well as optional subjects.
The consent form is a confidential statement with a focus on the information that the candidate receives about the position and company.

Candidates are to be included in our candidate databank whereby we can have contact information for the candidate, but this is by the candidate’s completely free choice. This choice does not have an impact on one’s “location” in a selection and/or search process.

The website candidatedatabank.com is related to 4selection, 4selection operate the website and it is the spot where we present available job and communicate with candidates. On this website, you find all announced jobs from our clients.

The best matching candidate is presented first to the client when the candidate has given her or his consent and is selected as a candidate. The presentation is given in writing to the client. It is our responsibility as related to law and guidelines issued from the Data Inspectorate to ensure the status of the candidate who has been hired and the candidates who have been presented (the data sent to the customer company), but not employed. The customer operator is obliged to inform 4selection about this matter.

Candidates who choose to withdraw/pull their candidacy back cannot be contacted further. We typically ask for the reason of the withdrawal as well as whether the candidate would like to be included in our candidate databank. The candidate can choose not to comment on this choice which will not diminish the candidate’s reputation in any way now or in the future.

Material from candidates who are not employed will be shredded within 5 working days after the task is completed unless the candidate has become a member of our candidate databank.

If the candidate is presented to the customer we retain, for the sake of compliance with data laws, the information that is passed on to our corporate clients is for 2 years. Approval for this is included in our consent form.

All recruitments are made by 4selection. 4selection is a registered company in Denmark, with a Registered Company number. DK-29741239. Our permission to have a recruitment company governed by Danish and European legislation. Danish Data Protection Agency approval/reg no: 2006-46-0353.

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