Psychology Today: The Latest A Personal Perspective: Evidence shows that if we don’t change our behavior, climate change will cause worldwide chaos. But our species resists the necessary changes. Why? Go to Source 27/04/2023 – 00:04 /Gary Bernhard, Ed.D. and Kalman Glantz, Ph.D. Twitter: @hoffeldtcom

PsycPORT™: Psychology Newswire Research shows that veterans don’t necessarily want special treatment at work, but just for a degree of understanding. Go to Source December 23, 2022 – 3:02 am / Twitter: @hoffeldtcom

Workplace Psychology To ensure that I don’t overwhelm the reader, I have divided the article into SECTIONS: In SECTION 1, I’ll talk about the concept, origin, and practice called mindfulness. In SECTION 2, I’ll cover Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), explaining what it is and why there are health and research merits. In SECTION 3, I’ll outline […]Continue reading

BPS Research Digest By Emily Reynolds Imposter syndrome — the feeling that you don’t belong or aren’t capable at work or in education — can affect anybody. But people from underrepresented backgrounds are more likely to experience imposter syndrome: first generation university students, for example, or people of colour. Imposter syndrome can be particularly acute in […]Continue reading

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